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A full service podcast option for those that are super keen to produce and launch a podcast that really hits the mark with great guests, better debate and crisp production.

We’re not short of statistics around the growth of the podcasting world and podcast popularity…

but that makes it even harder to cut through the noise to make a standout episode or series. Planning, research, delivery and production has to be the best it can be in order to create a successful podcast that reaches and engages with your target audiences.

The Eden Podcasting Services team has all the right credentials to make that happen, from broadcast trained
presenters and producers to the marketing team that shares your podcast news to your listeners.

Contact us for details on how we can help. We can run through first stage ideas and provide some help on how to
take your podcast plans forward… right through to full delivery, hosting and analytics.

Take a listen to our own podcast series Eden PResents...

podcasts with the most interesting folk talking about their work, life, passions, opinions, advice and campaigns alongside fascinating and newsworthy events and issues

series 1, episode 5

This episode explores (amongst other and many things) how comedy has changed over the years.

series 1, episode 4

To mark International Women’s Day, we have a very special Eden PResents podcast episode to share with you.

series 1, episode 3

In this episode we chat to ⁠Sarah Daniels⁠, Media Law expert and trainer, award-winning journalist and crime reporter, about how media law can offer real protection

series 1, episode 2

What is the future for local news in the UK? Is it about to disappear completely and will it be missed? Who or what is responsible for its downfall?

Public Relations

Perceptions drive decisions. Our PR approach is the perfect combination of brand promotion and protection.

Social Media

Cut through the noise with our tried and tested, disruptive and engagement-driven social media strategy and delivery.


Our in-house podcasting studio, broadcast-trained production team and podcast marketing pros are ready to create crisp, addictive audio for your audiences.

More reputation services

We'll train you for the cameras, we'll write awards that win trophies and we'll manage the not-so-welcome news days.