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12th Mar 2024

series 1, episode 4

To mark International Women’s Day, we have a very special Eden PResents podcast episode to share with you.

Our two guests this week are Stephanie Sirr MBE, Chief Executive of the world-renowned Nottingham Playhouse, an important producing theatre, and Lucy Askew, new Chief Executive of Broadway in Nottingham, iconic cinema and cultural centre.

Two passionate, influential, dedicated and remarkable women, our very own Arts Guardians,  just sharing a conversation about the arts, its impact, new productions, support for new writers and film makers and so much more.

They guide us through the celebratory tides of Nottingham Playhouse’s 60th anniversary and the creative currents that flow through Broadway Cinema. Our journey begins with their shared wisdom on fostering inclusive careers in the arts and navigating the challenges that theatres and cinemas face in a dynamic landscape. We also raise a toast to the pioneering stage premiere of “Minority Report” and delve into the unique ways these institutions are crafting a love for the arts within the community.

The conversation also confronts the effects of gentrification on the arts, emphasizing the necessity of keeping cultural encounters within reach for every stratum of society.

Lastly, we dissect the critical themes of access and representation in the arts, as Stephanie and Lucy shed light on the industry’s prevailing challenges. From the balance of blockbusters with niche stories to the impact of the pandemic on artistic expression and audience engagement, their insights are as stirring as they are enlightening.

This is a do not miss opportunity.

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