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12th Mar 2024

series 1, episode 2

What is the future for local news in the UK? Is it about to disappear completely and will it be missed? Who or what is responsible for its downfall?

In this episode, we talk to ⁠Richard Bowyer⁠, former News Editor, Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Media Consultant and ⁠Matt Deegan⁠, Media Consultant for Radio and Audio and Podcaster.

We explore how local news has been affected by the recent layoffs, radical changes at the BBC, and the changing demand for local news. Is it still relevant and required?

Or has it lost its unique value proposition and is simply unable to survive financially in the face of infinite competition that has toppled the previously privileged position of local news gatherers and the monopoly they held. Did they not recognise the shifts in audience behaviour early enough?

Were opportunities missed as local media refused to address a problem and initiate a Plan B in time to learn how to monetise their position and take ownership of essential local information.

But has it resulted in the golden age of audio content? Or are we overwhelmed by choice? And just seeking out views that already support our own? So is media now following the mood of the audience – to the detriment of investigative reporting that holds authorities and organisations to account. The world has changed very quickly in terms of how we tell stories and how they are consumed.

So, what is local to us now … and who is it for?

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