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22nd Feb 2024

series 1, episode 1

Listen to one of the UK’s most successful Ghost Writers on celebrity disclosure, myths and taking control of the story.

Meet the hugely entertaining John Woodhouse, ex journalist and one of the UK’s most sought after, award-winning Ghost Writer of books and blogs, for high profile actors and sports people, including Christopher Eccleston; rugby legends, Steve Thompson and Gareth Thomas, Phil Tufnell, Chris Kamara, Amir Khan, Paul Mullin and Jimmy Doherty.

His ability to capture his subjects’ voices and personalities, and to empathise with their varied experiences and circumstances, has won him praise across the board.

John explains just what it takes to be the voice and written word of the celebrity and the famous and discloses who made him laugh so much that he had to reach for his asthma inhaler!

He talks us through how trust between writer and subject can be absolutely vital and the better the relationship, the chemistry and the investment, the better the outcome. 

So how do you successfully capture the words, personality and true character of a subject to make sure that their voice jumps off the page? And why are ghost writers employed to do the job in the first place?

John takes us through a process that be a cathartic and empowering event for both parties and in many cases allows someone to take control of their own story.

And can the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances be just as powerful?

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