Our mission is simple.

We want to take your PR to the next level and beyond with our unrivalled robust, strategic and hands-on Eden approach to connecting you with your audiences.

We like our clients to lead the conversation in their sector, not just contribute. Roundtables are coveted opportunities to be part of the influential conversations affecting your sector.

Media organisations strategically plan the topics and the invitees to these events, and the hot seats are sought after.

We make sure your business and your leaders are top of
the invite list, so you can share your knowledge, brand insights and expertise around the decision-maker tables.

other services

Public Relations

Perceptions drive decisions. Our PR approach is the perfect combination of brand promotion and protection.

Social Media

Cut through the noise with our tried and tested, disruptive and engagement-driven social media strategy and delivery.


Our in-house podcasting studio, broadcast-trained production team and podcast marketing pros are ready to create crisp, addictive audio for your audiences.

More reputation services

We'll train you for the cameras, we'll write awards that win trophies and we'll manage the not-so-welcome news days.