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12th Mar 2024

series 1, episode 5

Stand Up Comedy. Taboo Topics or Fair Game?

This episode explores (amongst other and many things) how comedy has changed over the years. Are there lines that cannot be crossed? is pushing the envelope still acceptable? What happens when a superfan crosses the line and what happens when heckles go too far?

Ever wondered about the laughs and pitfalls of stand-up comedy? Join me, Alex Canner, as I chat with razor sharp comedian and actor, Pauline Daniels, who has decades of time on the mic, and newer comedian Ben Turner, who also happens to work in PR!

We shed light on the resilience and adaptability required to keep audiences in stitches, even as cultural sensitivities shift. Pauline describes her pioneering journey from songstress to stand-up, challenging the status quo in a field once ruled by men, while Ben keeps us in the present with his observations on comedy’s unchanging core amid evolving expectations.

We don’t shy away from the edgy topics—navigating the blurry lines between what’s hilarious and what’s off-limits. The art of comedy is dissected, from the anticipatory buzz before a punchline lands to the nuances of audience-comedian dynamics. You’ll hear firsthand how venues curate the acts that grace their stages and the way comedians have to bob and weave through the sea of public opinion. Plus, we examine the rise of digital platforms and how they’re changing the game for both veteran jokesters and the next generation of comics.

Prepare for a rollercoaster of revelations as Pauline and Ben share their personal comedy escapades, from the euphoric highs of live gigs to the lows of dealing with joke theft and heckling. The episode peels back the curtain on stand-up, providing an intimate peek at what it takes to make it in this exhilarating, yet unforgiving, craft.

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