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12th Mar 2024

series 1, episode 6

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What Does It Really Mean To Be Inclusive? How The Power of Unity Beats Cancel Culture Every Time

In this episode inclusion and belonging specialist, Sarah Barley McMullen, previously a lecturer and the Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Derby University, joins Alex to look at the complex landscape of identity, discrimination, and the power of unity. And being able to legitimately challenge without fear of an aggressive response. We tackle the critical distinctions between true inclusivity and mere lip service … and when exactly did ‘woke’ become weaponised?

Why, when talking about gender and sexuality, do people think they have free rein over what they can say and how they can say it? Without filter? When did the importance of empathy and respect towards every individual’s unique journey get to be so downgraded?

Sarah talks about her own thriving community in Belper, Derbyshire, and how Belper Pride is supported visibly and openly, promoting kindness and understanding – an uplifting testament to the strength of compassion. And on a personal level – how she has learned that positive dialogue and honest conversation is the best way to deal with the negative and the hostile. The overall message is to be kinder to ourselves and the people around us and to reflect every day on just how to do things better.

And with that, we come to the end of our first series of Eden PResents. We hope that you have enjoyed listening as much as we have enjoyed making these episodes. We have met some truly inspirational, funny and fascinating people and have had a fantastic response – thank you for listening and your amazing comments. Alex and the team at Eden Podcasting Services will be back soon with Series 2, but in the meantime if you want some help in the planning and producing your own podcast series – please get in touch at ⁠Eden Podcasting Services.

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