digital pr

Ever heard the phrase trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets?

Digital PR isn’t a dark art. It’s simply a set of tactics used to build awareness of and advocacy for your brand or business online.

Drop by drop, or link by (trusted) link. The very same tactics we’ve used for decades in traditional PR, but online.

Digital PR is just one of the tactics we use to keep your audience’s eyes on what you’re up to.

We build relationships with journalists. We send them excellent, headline-worthy content from your business. This content includes a link to your shop window (website, socials, wherever you live online) and when it is published, it acts as an evergreen marker of authenticity and credibility, signposting people to your brand.

Digital PR isn’t purely about link building (should it ever have been?). It’s about earning reference to your expertise on sites people trust. Stories, thought leadership, features, quick quotes, soundbites – all driven by Eden to include a link to your brand – published on trusted media sites.

Our Digital PR Services:

  • Analysis and measurement
  • Features
  • Journalist liaison
  • Journalist meetings
  • Link building
  • Listicles
  • Long form content
  • Long lead articles
  • Measurable campaign KPIs
  • Media monitoring
  • News jacking
  • Press releases
  • Reporting
  • Sound bites
  • Video and image stories

Our clients trust us to deliver the right content on the right platforms in a way that resonates with their audiences and maximises engagement.

Whether that’s engaging with followers on Twitter, writing punchy content for news sites, driving traffic to your website, or helping you to develop authentic partnerships with influencers who can endorse your brand.

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