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Crisis Communications

Crisis communications is about being prepared and proactive when it comes to a threatening public relations crisis – something all organisations are vulnerable to. Laying the foundation of an effective PR strategy isn’t hard, but it requires advance planning to minimise any adverse impact on business operations, reputation and ultimately the bottom line.

Avoiding knee-jerk responses made in panic and arming yourself with a well-thought-out PR strategy can be make-or-break for protecting your brand reputation and identity and maintaining market confidence in your business.

We work with clients in Nottingham, the East Midlands and across the UK to develop robust policies which work for their business. Eden PR will establish itself as your Press Office. Professionally managing your public relations, all media enquiries, preparing press statements and working with you to get in front of the headlines and ensure that today’s news is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

In a media space which is noisier and more fast-paced than ever before, the most impactful and effective way to deal with a brand-perception crisis is to anticipate it, bring your business’s personality to the fore and remain consistent and sincere in your communications at all times. Having an agreed spokesperson lined up who has the right skills, position and media training and can confidently handle any potential interviews will also save any last-minute, reluctant hands-in-the-air scenarios.

We also encourage clients to communicate their crisis protocols with all members of staff so that all representatives across the business are confidently prepped and equipped to handle any negative or hostile attention or enquiries that may come their way from the public or media. Something as simple as declining to comment and passing an enquiry on to your PR team can save your brand from potentially irreparable damage.

There are lessons to be learned from high profile crisis cases in recent times. In 2017 public confidence in United Airlines took a nosedive after staff were filmed removing a passenger from one of its planes. In this case a poorly devised and delivered apology came across as insincere and leaked internal communications, which the company assumed would be kept private, also revealed the disconnect between its public and private thoughts on the issue.

In comparison, when PwC gave presenters at the Oscars incorrect information about the Best Picture winner, its short, clear and sincere statement was well received. Public relations issues relating to ingrained corporate culture are much more difficult for brands to bounce back from than isolated human error incidents – which are more easily understood and forgiven.

Read our blog post about how KFC ruffled feathers for all the right reasons during a recent brand crisis, here: KFC’s ‘FCK’ Apology Ruffles Feathers for all the Right Reasons

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