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26th Sep 2023

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Small business PR: 7 top tips from eden

In today’s fast-paced landscape, small businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to building a positive public image. Big corporations often have dedicated public relations teams and substantial budgets, but small businesses don’t need to miss out on the media limelight and can also successfully navigate the world of press relations with the right strategies in place.

At Eden PR, we specialise in helping SMEs make a big impact in the media. Here are a few of our key small business PR tips that can help your company thrive:

Craft a compelling story
One of the key elements to press relations success is having engaging narratives to shout about. Small businesses often have fascinating stories to tell, whether it’s about overcoming challenges, innovative products or services, or community involvement. However, it usually requires a fresh perspective to take this activity and spin it into a yarn that journalists will be interested in publishing or learning more about.

Know your target audience
Understanding your target audience is key when reaching out to the media. Tailoring your small business’ pitches and press releases to match the interests of your ideal readers is key. We keep tabs on ongoing trends and changes within the industry while encouraging our clients to engage with their own target media. This enables all parties to stay informed and remain on the same page when it comes to brainstorming future story ideas or crafting the perfect press release.

Build relationships with journalists
Building and nurturing relationships with journalists can make a world of difference when a small business looks to engage in PR activity. Take the time to get to know reporters who cover topics related to your industry, by engaging with them on social media, attending industry events, and showing genuine interest in their work.

By ensuring they know you, and your home-building company, for example, you will shoot to the top of their list the next time they require expert comment on a housing topic that is on the media agenda.

Create high-quality content
Content remains king in the digital age. The difference between a shoddily written, hastily put together press release and a lovingly crafted piece is night and day – and the press will spot it from a mile away.

Whether you’re sending out press releases, pitching stories, or contributing articles, ensure that your content is well-written, informative, and engaging. Quality content is more likely to be picked up by media outlets, and will also mark you out as a quality contributor.

Utilise online platforms
While gaining press coverage is often the largest obstacle, it is critical to make the most of any juicy media placements. By leveraging digital platforms to enhance your press relations efforts, you are maximising the hard work that has been carried out in securing the piece in the first place.

Maintain an up-to-date and engaging website that users enjoy using, and foster a strong, dedicated following on social media that is relevant to you. These online channels are often where journalists and readers follow-up on when your dream coverage lands.

Monitor your online reputation
The reputation of your small business can greatly impact your press relations efforts. It is worth having dedicated time to regularly monitor online reviews, comments, and mentions of your business. If there is some negative feedback, it is important to ensure it is addressed promptly and professionally, in order to maintain a positive public image.

Be ready for interviews
When you secure media coverage, be prepared for interviews and interactions with reporters. Train your team to effectively communicate your key messages and stay on topic. A polished and confident interviewee can make a lasting impression, and lead to further ripple effects, with the opportunity of further press coverage.

At Eden PR, we believe that every small business PR piece and activity has the potential to make an impact in the media landscape. By implementing these press relations tips, you can increase your visibility, credibility, and reach in the media, ultimately helping your small business thrive in today’s competitive market.

If you’re looking for expert guidance and support to take your press relations efforts to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you tell your story and achieve the media recognition your small business deserves.

For more information, contact our Head of New Business Emily Winsor-Russell or call 0115 958 8850 for an exploratory discussion as to how we can help support your small business PR activities.

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