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7th Apr 2024

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LinkedIn newsletters and articles: are they right for your business?

When LinkedIn was first launched back in 2003, it was primarily used as a job-seeking site. Fast forward 20 years to today and there’s been a dramatic shift in what we use the professional platform for. With around 900 million members, LinkedIn is the place to see and be seen, it’s where we celebrate personal milestones, share insightful tips and tricks of the working world, and catch up with industry news.

However, as the platform continues to grow, its active users want new and engaging ways to keep connections interested. The latest phenomenon is LinkedIn Newsletters and Articles, so let’s look at the benefits, and why you should be adding these to your LinkedIn strategy.

What is a LinkedIn Article?
A LinkedIn Article is a long-form piece of content, similar to a blog, that you can create and post directly to your LinkedIn feed.
LinkedIn Articles give you and your business the opportunity to share:

  • Thought leadership content
  • Industry insight and expertise
  • Advice to other professionals
  • A success story or eureka moment
  • Company news

The purpose of using LinkedIn Articles is to create meaningful content that is relevant to your network, so optimising your content is key to ensuring it reaches far and wide.

What is the difference between a LinkedIn Article and a LinkedIn Newsletter?
A LinkedIn Article is just one piece of content that can be published like you would a normal post, whereas a LinkedIn Newsletter is a curated collection of updates, articles, and insights that you can send to your LinkedIn network on a regular basis. It is similar to an email newsletter but is sent directly through the LinkedIn platform to your connections.

Why implement LinkedIn Newsletters into your strategy?
If you want to reach those decision-makers then LinkedIn is a great place to find them. With 65 million decision-makers and around 10 million corporate executives on the platform, LinkedIn is a gold mine for reaching a wider audience.

Labelled a professional platform, users on LinkedIn tend to be scrolling looking for content that can change the way they do business, so it’s important to remember when putting together your LinkedIn Articles and Newsletters together. Provide content that interests people and generates conversation.

There are many benefits to implementing LinkedIn newsletters into your social strategy. Here are just a few:

  • Establish yourself or your business as an industry expert: By sharing relevant and valuable content in your newsletter, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry.
  • Engage with your network: A LinkedIn newsletter can help you stay top of mind with your connections and keep them engaged with your brand or business.
  • Expand your network: A well-crafted LinkedIn newsletter can attract new connections and help you expand your professional network.
  • Drive traffic to your website or blog: Including links to your website or blog in your newsletter can drive traffic and increase engagement with your content.
  • Generate leads: LinkedIn newsletters are a great way of raising your profile and promoting yourself (or your business) in an organic way, which could lead to conversions.

You don’t need to create a brand-new strategy for LI newsletters, use these as a tool to share and showcase your expertise.

Top Tips on what to include in a LinkedIn Newsletter
With any social media strategy, it’s key to know who your audience is. Who are the people you want to be engaging with and starting conversations?

Once you’ve nailed down who your audience is, it’s time to look at creating a strategy. Here are our pointers to putting your first newsletter together:

  • Be Consistent: Set a regular publishing schedule for your newsletter and stick to it. Consistency is key to building a loyal readership. There will come a point when your network will be expecting your next newsletter.
  • Keep it short and sweet: People have limited time and attention spans. Keep your newsletter brief and to the point.
  • Include a call-to-action: Encourage your readers to take action by including a call-to-action in each newsletter. This could be visiting your website, signing up for a webinar, or following you on social media.
  • Use a conversational tone: Write your newsletter in first person in a conversational tone that is easy to read and engaging.
  • Include visuals: Use images, videos, and infographics to make your newsletter more visually appealing and engaging.
  • Include links: Where possible, link back to your website or any external resources within your copy.
  • Share your expertise: Share your expertise and insights with your readers. This will help you establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

How to make a LinkedIn Newsletter
Creating and sending a LinkedIn newsletter is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Start a post on the homepage.

Log into your LinkedIn account and navigate to the homepage, as if you were sharing a standard post, but instead click on “Write Article” and select either your personal or Company Page to share content from.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Newsletter” tab.

Click on the “Create a Newsletter” button on the publishing menu at the top.

Step 3: Fill out the basics.

Give your newsletter a name that’s catchy and will appeal to your target audience. You’ll also need to add a description that summarises the focus of your newsletter along with an image or logo and select how often you want to publish your Newsletter.

Step 4: Add content to your newsletter.

You can include articles, images, videos, and links. It’s best to choose content that is relevant to your audience and aligns with your professional goals.

Step 5: Choose your audience.

Choose the audience you want to send your newsletter to. You can send it to your entire network or select specific connections.

Step 6: Preview and send your newsletter.

Preview your newsletter to make sure everything looks good. You can make edits or add additional content as needed. Once you’re satisfied, click the “Send” button to distribute your newsletter to your selected audience.

If you’re thinking about switching up your LinkedIn strategy and looking for new ways to engage or expand your network, LinkedIn Articles and Newsletters are a great way of doing so.

Here at Eden PR, we have a whole social media marketing team dedicated to helping you and your business maximise your social media output. From LinkedIn to Threads, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us via email at or call 0115 958 8850.

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