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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a great way to increase and enhance your brand awareness, generate direct business leads and augment your organic social marketing presence.

By creating carefully crafted adverts and audience lists (these can be manually targeted audiences or remarketing) we can put your brand, products and services in front of new potential customers.

Whether your social media advertising goal is brand awareness, driving traffic to your website or generating leads, we can help.

We recommend running social media adverts alongside organic social marketing, to ensure a rounded brand presence on platforms, however advertising on social media can be run completely separately.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Often referred to as ‘paid social’, advertising and paid social media marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and leads (whatever your goal may be).

We specialise in promoting your brand and at the core of any advertising campaign, we ensure a strategic approach with measurable results. Here are just some of the ways we can increase your brand awareness and leads through paid social media marketing:

  • Campaign-led – whether a three-week or three-month campaign, we can create and run a strategic advertising campaign alongside your PR and marketing activity.
  • Ongoing – for a consistent elevation of your brand, we can run ongoing background advertising campaigns, the perfect complement to organic social media marketing.
  • Lead-generation – if you’re looking to increase sales leads alongside your marketing and PR, we can run dedicated lead-generation adverts.

We know that paid social marketing and advertising can be a minefield, so rest assured that after a detailed discussion with us, your advertising will be in the best of hands.

To discuss paid social media marketing and how we can help create effective advertising campaigns for your business and sector, please get in touch with us today.

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