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Social media is now a fundamental part of any well-rounded public relations and marketing communications approach – and one of the first avenues we explore when devising and implementing client strategies.

Clients look to us to manage their social media as a natural and inherent part of their wider communications strategies and reputation management. We take a holistic approach to it, ensuring the content works in harmony with all other messaging and that everything is consistent and on brand.

To achieve the end goal – the implementation and management of a cohesive, effective social media strategy – we also navigate the ever-changing landscape and constant evolution of social media.

Consider Facebook’s recent algorithm change for example, which sees it prioritise content of friends and family over that of a business page. MSI (meaningful social interaction) is now the most important metric by which the platform decides which content is valuable enough to push out to people’s news feeds. Changes such as this have a knock-on effect to how client social media strategies are approached and managed.

Social platforms are an invaluable tool for all businesses and can bring about measurable success. With compelling content and a thorough understanding of your audiences, what motivates them and the content they engage with, a business can communicate targeted messaging, portray a consistent brand identity, build brand awareness and in some cases even directly increase sales leads.

Social media can’t be ignored, and part of our role as public relations professionals is to help businesses get best value from it, understanding what messages resonate with different audiences and what gives them social currency – enough to amplify your content even further.

To discuss your social media management and how we can help curate creative, engaging social content which benefits your business and sector, please get in touch with a member of the team.

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