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Why Pinterest should form part of your social media strategy

16th July 2020

Often considered the dark horse of social media channels, it is common for Pinterest to be overlooked in a businesses’ social media strategy. After all, Pinterest is not all recipes, hairstyles, and weddings – it can be used to boost engagement, generate leads, and drive traffic to a brands website. In 2019, it was reported that Pinterest had 322 million monthly active users worldwide, and the number of Pinners using the platform increased 28% monthly. Despite more people using the platform that ever, it is reported that only 28% of marketers use Pinterest for their business and this untapped social media resource could be the perfect place to showcase your brand to an engaged audience, niche audience.

Why do people use Pinterest?

  • As a source of Inspiration
  • To promote their own Brands
  • To Connect with Others

Pinterest is a great network for businesses to connect with their audience, whether it’s B2C marketing or B2B marketing. It also fulfils the important objectives of social media marketing; raising brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, community building and enhancing relationships with your audience. It isn’t always a great fit for every business, but it is a huge asset to the businesses who are able to connect with their audience. Whether it is recent industry trends, an infographic, launching a new product or a blog post you have published, these can all be featured on Pinterest with direct links back to your website.

As a primarily visual platform, the world of Pinterest revolves around high-quality images or Pins. Every pin can link back to the website it was sourced from, which sets the platform apart from Instagram. This is why eye-catching pins, with informative captions is the best way to generate a strong following for your business on Pinterest. This is why eye-catching pins, with informative captions is the best way to generate a strong following for your business on Pinterest. The better the pin image and visual appeal of the pin, the more clicks, and the more links back to your website you’re going to get.

Pinterest gives people an additional opportunity to view your content in a new context, it can help you discover new niches of your audience that you haven’t connected with yet and there’s a lot of potential for extra reach.

Pinterest should be considered a visual search engine for marketers

Just like any search engine, keywords are the basis for content discovery on Pinterest. The most important way to make sure your Pins are showing up in your audience’s search results is by curating captions that are carefully crafted to include your key search terms. A lot of users type in keywords to pull the content they are looking for, Pinterest also puts relevant content in front of people, as well as suggesting other phrases that a user might have interest in. The results are only going to be as good as the keywords used to title and describe the pins. As a business, it is important to be as relevant and niched-down as possible when titling and writing descriptions for pins.

What brands do it well?


With 10 million monthly unique viewers on Pinterest, BuzzFeed is a go to example of a company that knows how to drive traffic between Pinterest and their main website. BuzzFeed takes the most compelling image from an article and feature that as the main image on a Pin – encouraging Pinners to click on the pin and check out this article. The best business Pinterests are those that creatively repurpose the most exciting aspects of their brand (blog posts, new products, video content) into a memorable thumbnail-sized pin that drive Pinterest traffic to their website. BuzzFeed make it extremely easy to pin any and all articles from their main website to a visitor’s own board. You’ll find a red “Pin It” button at the top and bottom of every piece of BuzzFeed content, making the content easily shareable across their website and Pinterest. This also proves that you do not need to be selling something to implement Pinterest into your social media strategy.

In Summary

Despite Pinterest growing year on year, many businesses are not utilising the opportunity to showcase their brand, increase engagement and drive website traffic. Proportionally, Pinterest drives more referral traffic to sites than social platforms do, 33% more than Facebook, 71% more than Snapchat and 200% more than Twitter. Pinterest is a search engine that connects users to content related to the terms they search for, not who they follow. It is an easy way to connect and engage with your audience, promote your products and services, and grow your online presence. Pinterest users surf through the platform with a specific goal in mind, whether it is to buy a product or to learn a specific DIY skill, this means Pinterest users are usually ready to take action. Ultimately, you don’t have to be in the arts and craft sector to take advantage of marketing opportunities on Pinterest, but you do have to post content that’s valuable and visual.


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