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What should you include in a PR report?

29th March 2021

If you’re going to deliver any sort of public or press relations campaign, then reporting on the success of the activity is essential.  

It is simply the best way to present what you did and the results it produced and without it, how is your client supposed to know what you have achieved? So, getting it just right is vital. 

Often PR professionals may get lost in the ‘what next’ aspect and forget to take a step back and showcase exactly what they have achieved and the value it has to the client. Which is where implementing regular reporting is a PR’s best friend. After all, you’ve put the hard work in, it’s time to shout about it! 

First of all, its important to think about why you are creating the report in the first place and who is going to see it and how often should you be creating one? 

Your PR Campaign Review report is designed to share your results, to showcase what you have achieved and why this has measurable advantage for your client. By spelling out your achievements with irrefutable data, reports help you to impress clients and physically display what their money is buying them. 

Now, before you delve into the report, it’s time to think about who is going to be viewing it and how this will affect how often you produce it.

Reporting frameworks come in all shapes and sizes, including monthly, quarterly, annual, and ad hoc. Each report will vary in content and size, and in most instances have different audiences. It’s important to tailor your content to the situation at hand and think carefully about what they want to know, as well as what you can gain from the results you have found.

Once you have established the foundation of your PR report, it’s time to get started.

Here are our five top tips on what to include in a PR report…

  1.  Start with a summary
    Whether you’re creating a monthly, quarterly, or annual report, you should be including a clear summary of activity to date to give an overview of what you have been doing and get the client up to speed. This summary will also create the backstory for the results you will be going into more detail about.
  2. Keep it concise
    You have a lot to talk about and extensive results to measure – that’s great, but does the client want to spend hours reviewing a 30-page report? You want to take your results and turn them into easy to digest content for your audience. Your client doesn’t want to sit staring at graphs and having to calculate the success themselves, instead, make results clear and concise, only including the data that matters to them.
  3. Make it visual
    Leading on from the last point, turning your statistical data into visual, easy-to-digest content will bring your results to life, which your client is sure to thank you for. Keeping your audience in mind is important, but if you can get creative – go for it. A PR report can be very overwhelming, and you don’t want to risk your client missing vital results you have achieved, so adding pictures, easy-to-follow graphs and other infographics can make all the difference.
  4. Include benchmarks
    Benchmarking is a vital competent of a report which can often be overlooked. It allows you to compare yourself to your own performance in previous periods as well as your competition. This should be included in all types of reports, otherwise, how is your client supposed to know what to compare to? Giving a large statistical number isn’t going to mean anything unless it is drawn in comparison. And don’t shy away from addressing any downfall here, it’s important to address any drop in results and explain why this might be and how you are going to change that.
  5. Tailor to your client’s specific goals
    While it is important not to undersell progress and include everything you have been working on that collectively adds value to your public relations campaign, the way you frame your results to the client is crucial. Always keep your clients’ goals in mind and demonstrate that you are driving their priorities forward and creating results without letting other parts of the campaign steal its limelight.

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