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Well Groomed!

4th May 2016

Go to the wedding magazine section in any newsagents and you’ll be greeted by all of the happy smiling brides looking down at you from their glossy covers.

Visit any major wedding fair and after you’ve got past all of the dresses and veils and more dresses and shoes and other accessories you may just find a suit business or two in the corner.

Shop at any greetings card store to buy a wedding card and you’ll find them decorated in flowers and dresses and butterflies.

The point I’m trying to make here is that far from the equal partnership that marriages represent, the wedding industry at large is hugely biased towards the bride.

Working with top flower brand Interflora – I speak fluent wedding, so trust me when I say I know there are no ‘groomal’ magazines, i.e. publications dedicated to promoting all things bridegroom!

As a groom planning a wedding – where can I get my inspiration from? Where are the wedding fairs overflowing with suits and cravats and boutonnieres?

The idea of a groom planning the wedding is often trivialised, it makes for good entertainment, but it’s also a big gap in the bridal wedding market.

As a groom I’d welcome a magazine for grooms. Everything you need to know from choosing rings and cake, to the etiquette of invitations, and the latest trends in grooms tailoring.

I’m sure someone has done the relevant market research, financial analysis, focus groups etc. But I do think the UK wedding market would benefit greatly from a magazine for grooms.

It doesn’t have to be a monthly it could just as easily work as a bi-monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annual.

A supplement or pull-out in an existing wedding magazine could be the way to go, especially if the cover art was more gender neutral to not put men off from buying.

I mean if brides can have ‘Brides’ why not ‘Grooms’ for grooms?


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