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Top Five Tips for Writing a Press Release

7th June 2021

What is a press release? Put simply, a press release is a brief news story written by public relations professionals which is sent to targeted members of the media.  

A press release can be a powerful PR tool, which can be key to earning media coverage building your brand’s reputation (if written correctly!). A press release is sent to journalists, and then used as a basis for a story. The whole purpose of a press release is to generate coverage, and ultimately influence a target audience. 

The media receive hundreds of stories daily and it is important to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. A press release can also be used to pitch ideas for features.  But what makes a perfect press release? In this blog, we share our five top tips for writing a press release to ensure you land that stellar media coverage and raise brand awareness… 

  1. Do something newsworthy!

    Your first step is to come up with something that journalists will want to cover, in other words – something newsworthy. This might be something about recruitment and hiring a new member of staff to a new industry study, commercial or financial news.  It could also be commentary on a breaking news story or market trends.  The art of the professional PR person is to identify what the story really is.

    A newsworthy piece of content is timely, relevant and impactful – so make sure to consider this before drafting your release.

  2. Write a good headline!

    As with any article, a press release needs a headline that is going to grab attention. It is the thing that will convince a journalist that you have a story worth telling, so it is important to get it right the first time.

    Essentially, a headline should be your entire story distilled into fewer than ten words.

    Top tip: press releases using ‘action words’ in the headline are guaranteed to garner the most views. Try to include words such as…

    • Reveals 
    • Proves 
    • Launches 
    • Announces 
    • Publishes
  3. Get straight to the point in the first paragraph

    Journalists receive 100s of press releases daily and on average they will skim through a release for 5-10 seconds before deciding whether it interests them. Your first paragraph should be a summary and read like the opening of a news story.
    Journalists are generally taught the “five Ws”

    • Who 
    • What 
    • Where 
    • When 
    • Why 

    And this should form the basis of your introductory paragraph.


  4. Be concise 

    It is common practice that a press release should not go over two pages – in fact, keep it to one page if at all possible. Get to the point and stay on point throughout the release and make sure to include all relevant information the journalist needs to write their story, without repeating yourself.


  5. Include compelling quotes 

    The quote is the one part of the press release the media cannot change. It is important to provide compelling quotes that give additional information or anecdotes, rather than repeating generic information used in the release.

    The quote should add value to the press release and should be informative and interesting. You can have more than one quote in a press release should you wish, however we would recommend not overloading with too many quotes. 

These are Eden’s top 5 press release writing tips to help your content stand out from the crowd. 

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top five tips on writing a press release


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