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PR and SEO

17th October 2018

Different? Or running on the same tracks? Where’s the balance of best value?

So, we’ve been exploring the relationship between PR and SEO for quite a while now. Why? Because it is about as hot a topic as you can get in marketing communications at the moment. Having both a PR and SEO agency can be a costly exercise, particularly if they are working to separate strategies but put the two together, working in collaboration can produce the best results, cut back on account crossovers and allow companies to stay ahead of the search engines.

What’s brought PR and SEO closer together is the steady shift of the search engine algorithms towards rewarding quality content over anything paid for (and that includes products passed over to bloggers by the way). There are even those that argue that branded search volume is better correlated with rankings than Domain Authority (cue knowing nods from the PR side of the room and gasps of horror from the SEO teams!).

That means that links (follow and no follow) are still important but pay for them at your peril and, depending on the publication, mentions (coverage) can be just as powerful in delivering website traffic.

Collaboration between PR and SEO strategies is the smart route to best results. Shared strategy, well delivered, can yield impressive results. It all comes back to content – well written for a target audience and not just for links. At a recent PR and SEO conference in London, there were very interesting speakers that had looked at how best to give journalists a reason to link, based on the quality of the content that appealed most to their readership. Essentially by supplying more information than a journalist could use in an article it provides an opportunity to add a link to a website where readers can then choose to explore content further.

As an example, a new sector report, detailed article on industry trends, customer survey or opinion on upcoming legislation can all create a digital asset that provide journalists and influencers with a reason to link back, and a longer-term reference destination than a news release could achieve.

One speaker was able to demonstrate that 20 links from credible and high value media outlets took a client brand to first place in search rankings – using content that was on brand, on message and created interesting editorial. Of course, that’s the top line summation of what was an in-depth day exploring the tactics required to make the most of a combined PR and SEO plan.

There is a lot more to share on the subject so if you want to talk though your PR and SEO plans or review the strategies you do have – then we would be happy to share our thoughts and recommendations.


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