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How our PR campaign went National

20th October 2021

You may have seen it on the news, read it online or even heard it through the grape vine; how Louise at A.W. Lymn is set to marry a man who spotted her face on a billboard? Let us tell you how our PR campaign went national, *almost* viral… 

The story initially started local – hitting regional news first such as the Nottingham Post, and quickly snowballed into national papers including the MirrorThe Sun, and on sites such as Yahoo. 

Getting a PR campaign to go national

How did we do it – luck? No. Hard work? Yes! 

It starts with a story…  

For A.W. Lymn, East Midlands-based Funeral Directors, this was a love story between Louise (a Funeral Director) & Mick, her fiancé, who are getting married, after Mick spotted Louise on an A.W. Lymn billboard. 

Once you have the story, it needs writing up into a gripping press release with a good ‘hook’ to encourage journalists to pick it up and publish. 

Once the press release has been written – and tweaked depending on desired audience(s) – it’s then ready for distribution to key media. 

This is where the sell-in is key – following up with journalists after you’ve distributed your press release – pitching in a way that generates excitement, is relatable or even emotional. Personalise your approach, as this can massively influence whether your story is picked up or not.  

Resending the press release whilst speaking to them, with ‘new’ details (which could be different images) is also helpful and saves journalists trawling through their many emails. Make it easy for the press to pick up and publish – ensure any questions they have are already answered and you’ve pitched the story with the right angle for their audience. 

Maximising a PR campaign 

How else can you leverage a PR campaign? Through social media, digital marketing and even print marketing… 

Social media is, of course, a fantastic way to help a PR campaign go further and content work harder. Having a good strategy that includes run-up, launch and post-launch social media is a great way to plan in and leverage content for a combined and comprehensive PR and marketing campaign.  

Sharing the story organically, sharing coverage gained online, and original blog content on the story… it’s all fantastic for social media and can help momentum build and stick around for longer. 

Utilising relevant hashtags on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are also great ways to help your content reach the feeds of more users, organically. Before creating a campaign-specific hashtag, as many organisations do, consider these things: how many users will use the hashtag, how many users will follow and ‘keep up’ with the hashtag, and will the business gain any more visibility by using it (particularly if it’s new and therefore not already current streams of conversation around the topic). If the answer is no, then in reality, there’s not  

Boosting posts and running paid social media ads are also an additional way to push the story out even further to your desired audience – it’s a brand awareness exercise, which later down the line, can be used for remarketing and lead-focused advertising.  

PR campaigns can also make fantastic content to share on a website’s blog – ensuring this is unique content and perhaps has additional details and/or images and be the ‘original’ source of content. 

How to report on a PR campaign

We know that it’s been picked up by regional press, then national, but how do we know it’s gone national? 

We take a look at the results and measure the AVE and reach. We also take into account social media reach, impressions and engagement 

For our A.W Lymn press release alone, our results are currently… 

Reach: upwards of 1.6million 

AVE (advertising value equivalent): £422,000.00 

So, how did our PR campaign go national? Through carefully crafted content, tailored sell ins and, ultimately, a great story from our client. 

We have worked with A.W. Lymn for almost a year and have gained some fantastic results for them in just 11 months. If you’d like to learn more about how we can maximise your business’s reach and brand-impact with PRsocial media or any other of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. 


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