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Entering the world of Eden

30th June 2021

Lydia Skerritt, Senior Account Executive, joined Eden PR in December 2020, here are her thoughts on joining Eden…

The first seven months in my new role – joining during a pandemic, the highlights and what I’ve learnt so far. 

Where has the time gone? Starting in December, I have now been part of the Eden furniture for seven months. And while it seems like I have blinked and all a sudden we are in summer, at the same time, I feel like I have been part of the team for years.  

I think partly to blame is the unusual circumstances in which I joined, like many people who entered a new role during a pandemic, it hasn’t been the conventional start you would normally expect. Starting during the peak of lockdown meant I spent the majority of my first few months working from home. Although strange meeting your colleagues for the first time virtually and attending the Christmas party via Zoom (dare I mention the words ‘Zoom quiz’), amongst the madness of 2020 it seemed perfectly normal, and we all soldiered on.  

Luckily, having previous experience in a B2B public relations agency with clients in similar sectors, paired with the amazing help of the Eden team, the transition was rather seamless and I felt like I had really hit the ground running.  

As Covid-19 restrictions have steadily started to ease, not only has it allowed me to make full potential of the beautiful new office we have recently moved into, but it finally presented me the opportunity to go out and meet the clients, who up until now, I had become very accustomed to via a screen. 

Building strong, trusted relationships with your clients is incredibly important in PR, a bond which requires the face-to-face interaction of an in-person meeting. It is also extremely valuable to go and visit the environment your clients work in, soak up the atmosphere of the company’s facilities and explore the services they offer in order to give you a greater understanding of what it is you’re writing about.  

For instance, when writing about the intricacies of an automation system, it doesn’t quite gel until you stand inside the warehouse facility and witness first-hand the scale of the operation. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to visit five of my clients in the past month, each time learning more about what they do and further igniting inspiration for potential PR and social opportunities.  

From high vis’ to dinosaur skeletons, here’s my three top highlights since joining Eden 

Lights, cameras and photocalls 

The importance of a good photo to accompany your PR copy is paramount, even to the point where it can be the difference between a piece of coverage being picked up or not. So, at Eden we regularly pull together photography briefs and organise photocalls with our clients to ensure the photos we use are up-to-date, relevant and represent the brands image. 

Before joining Eden, this was something I had no prior experience in, so I was excited to get stuck in and to add another string to my bow. Just recently, I was involved in a photocall to celebrate the 1st birthday of my client Europa Worldwide’s warehouse in Corby. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to create that final shot which the press sees, from creative brainstorming and people managing, to blowing up the balloons on the day (who said PR was glamorous?). All good fun of course! 

Lydia Skerritt at Europa Worldwide

Launching events 

One of the things I love most about working at Eden is the mixture of clients we work with. As a B2B and B2C agency, I get to work across a broad range of clients which means my work changes from one hour to the next, which certainly keeps things interesting!  

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the launch of the Titus: T. rex is King exhibition at Wollaton Hall. It’s been a real experience helping to bring such a big event to life and I’ve loved being a part of the process each step of the way. We’re all very excited for the launch and it’s an amazing feeling to finally see the exhibition come to life. 

Lydia Skerritt & Kathryn Webster at Wollaton Hall - Titus Launch

All things digital 

With the majority of our clients, alongside offering traditional PR and social media marketing support, we also provide a wide range of digital marketing services too. Since I’ve been at Eden, I’ve had the opportunity to get really stuck-in with all things digital.  

One of our clients is in the process of launching a new website and they turned to Eden to help populate with copy and images. In my role, I’ve been hands-on bringing the copy and imagery to life to help reflect the brands new image. This is a project I’ve loved working on and I’m excited to keep developing my skills to offer integrated marketing and communication campaigns for our clients.  

Overall, my start at Eden has been a complete whirlwind. Each day brings something new and in return I’m learning more about the depths of the wonderful world of PR. Here’s to the next 6 months and whatever that might bring!  

Learn more about what it’s like to be part of the Eden team and the vacancies we have available.  


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