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Robomow – Media Relations

5th March 2018


The adoption of new and ever smarter devices for personal use and for the home shows no sign of slowing over the coming years so it’s little wonder that the demand for such technology is now extending beyond the house and into the garden. But in the UK, the nation of garden lovers, acceptance of this new home help was a little slower compared to continued growth on mainland Europe.

As a result, Robomow, the leading manufacturer of robotic lawnmowers, turned to Eden in 2013 for help increasing brand recognition and raising awareness of the robotic lawnmowing concept in the UK in general.

The following four years saw Eden working to promote the RC and RS ranges of robotic lawnmowers while 2017 saw the launch of Robomow’s new RX model, which is the smallest and most affordable robotic lawnmower on the market.

PR Objectives

Over the past four years the core objectives have remained consistent:

  • Raise awareness of robotic lawnmowers
  • Promote the benefits of robotic lawnmowing
  • Increase brand awareness of Robomow products

With the robotics market in the UK at an early stage, explaining the concept and its benefits has historically been almost as important as promoting the Robomow brand. However, over time and as the market has matured, PR objectives have shifted slightly, to give brand promotion an even greater priority.

In 2017 the emphasis shifted again, with the launch of the RX model becoming the focus. As the smallest and most affordable model on the market, the RX enables more people than ever to consider a robotic lawnmower when purchasing lawncare equipment.

Eden needed to ensure that this expanded potential market was reached in a targeted and effective way.

Strategy and Tactics

From the start Eden has managed a comprehensive and highly targeted media relations programme, focusing on securing national coverage with maximum reach, to spread the message as widely as possible.

Especially in the early years of the campaign, journalists needed to understand the background of the machines and how they work before they would be happy to write about them. As such review opportunities have always formed a significant part of the programme, with extensive features appearing in The Sunday Telegraph, Daily Express, T3 and Trusted Reviews, to name but a few.

As the campaign has progressed it has been refined in line with the team’s learnings and insights and developed into a programme that delivers real value and tangible results. Media relations continue to be key and targeting a mix of news / shopping pages along with the more extensive review opportunities has helped to build brand recognition along with an understanding of the robotics options on the market.

This regular and direct / one-to-one contact with journalists continues to reap the greatest rewards and in 2017 a conscious decision was made to put greater emphasis on securing name checks and product mentions rather than extensive reviews, to further boost brand recognition and awareness.


Over the past four years the sector has seen consistent growth and robotic lawnmowers are now becoming more commonplace and a much more accepted form of lawncare equipment. Within the gardening sector robotic lawnmowers are regularly included in product round up pieces and Robomow is frequently mentioned above other brands.

In 2017 specifically, which saw a focus on securing coverage on shopping pages for the new RX model, Eden secured a total of 37 cuttings over an eight-month period – an average of one every week.

The overwhelming majority of cuttings were from news and shopping pages or product rounds ups, reaching a total of over 42,627,000 people.

There were some notable highlights in national newspapers, including two inclusions in The Telegraph and The Independent. There was also a mention as well as a competition in The Sun.

A significant amount of coverage appeared in technology publications such as FinTech, T3 and UK PC Magazine.

70% of all coverage referenced the Robomow website.


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