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Harts – Events Campaign

23rd April 2017

Renowned Nottingham restaurant Hart’s was celebrating 20 years in the city and wanted to shout about the achievement. Owned by restauranteur Tim Hart, the establishment is credited with bringing fine dining to the city and its residents and has become well known for its modern British style of cooking and excellent service. Now firmly on the map as a Nottingham institution, it is one of a number of restaurants that keeps the city on the national and international stage when it comes to creativity in the kitchen and dining room.

Eden was asked to deliver a series of suitably high-profile events and occasions which would create a buzz and get people talking about the restaurant and its milestone.

Having worked with Hart’s previously on media relations and social media campaigns dating back to 2012, the Eden team had the background knowledge, client relationships and understanding required to pick up the brief and hit the ground running.

A year-long programme was researched and developed, designed to take a look back at the highlights of the past two decades while also introducing some future newsworthy activities to put Hart’s firmly in the spotlight. The team was keen for Hart’s to be seen both as a Nottingham institution, unrivalled in its links to the city, but still at the cutting edge of culinary experience – prepared to be different and quirky and test the boundaries of people’s perceptions of the restaurant.

Kicking off the Campaign

A range of events were planned that each met different objectives and reached a specific target market.

To kick off the anniversary campaign, a Limited Edition tasting menu was launched. Each course was a popular dish from the last two decades, either with a story attached or having played a particular part in making Hart’s what it is now. Including favourites from Tim Hart and others who have played a vital role in the restaurant’s success, each course showcased the very essence of Hart’s.

Interviews were held to understand the detail and history of each course and specific photography was commissioned. Interviews were set up with Notts TV and the Nottingham Post and details were sent to all the national food writers who have previously visited the restaurant.

The main focus of the campaign was a very special anniversary party, inviting a mix of loyal Hart’s supporters, potential new customers and ‘the great and the good’ of the city to enjoy an evening of good food, good wine and good company – all the things for which Hart’s has built an enviable reputation.

Eden was heavily involved in the event planning and management from the start, identifying potential guests and working with the Hart’s team on ideas for decorations and venue dressing. The event needed to standout in the social calendar of the attendees, with ‘wow’ moments that would make it onto social media and be talked about with friends and colleagues.

With a capacity crowd of 75 diners, the anniversary party was hailed as a great success by all that attended. Guests included renowned food writer, critic and Great British Menu judge Matthew Fort and The Rt Hon The Lord Norman Fowler along with some of the previous head chefs and front of house team who have helped shape the restaurant into the foodie destination it is today. They mixed with key faces from public and private sector organisations from across the city, media contacts and other well-known faces from the business community.

Guests commented on the quality of the food and wine, general ambience and enduring appeal of the restaurant with many tagging Hart’s on social media, further boosting awareness and reach.

Great coverage was achieved across regional media outlets including the Nottingham Post, West Bridgford Wire, Sticky Beak Blog, The Business Desk and Notts TV.


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