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Branding and PR: A Happy Union

11th December 2018

Maia joins Eden PR after graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Branding. She explains how her placement has shown her the connection between public relations and branding strategy.

Before starting my placement at Eden, I thought I would feel like a fish out of water in the office. I believed that what I’d learnt on my degree would be worlds away from anything I would be doing in the public relations industry, envisioning PR and branding to be two very separate areas within communications. I soon realised how much the two go hand in hand, and the importance public relations has within many aspects of a branding strategy.

PR forms a bridge between the brand and the consumer, or one business to another business. The line of communications fulfilled by public relations is an essential part of the branding process.

Something I learnt at University was the importance of building connections and relationships in the industry your company operates in, which can lead to a better brand reputation and recognition. From my first week at Eden, I was involved with many aspects of both public relation and media relations including news releases, creating research documents and calling in forward features for many different clients. I soon discovered how much in-depth research, creativity, planning and initiative goes into creating a public relations strategy, which all helps to grow recognition of the client’s brand. Brand awareness is a key part of a branding strategy, and an increase in influence is essential to the process.

Brand personality is another aspect that PR significantly shapes and reinforces for a client. From creating content for brands in various different sectors I soon found the real importance of a tone of voice. A consistent tone of voice and use of language plays a huge role in conveying a brand’s personality. This could be light-hearted and cheerful or more serious and official. Press releases and social media are couple of the key areas where a brand’s tone of voice should reflect their brand personality perfectly.

One of the key points that I discovered from my time at Eden was the way great media coverage can amplify a brand’s influence. Experiencing the buzz in the office when coverage was secured for a client showed the significance this has. PR is a form of storytelling, a way of spreading and directing a brand’s message to the correct audience. Getting the right story in front of the right person can be imperative to a brand’s success and growth, and this is one of the biggest goals within public relations.

My four weeks at Eden PR seemed to have flown by. I have had so much opportunity to get on board with different client projects, constantly learning new things and developing my skills.  Feeling useful and valued in the team has made the month feel very beneficial to me, giving me plenty of great experience to discuss in job applications and interviews.


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