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5 Top SEO Tips

15th November 2021

Digital marketing should form an integral part of an organisation’s  PR and marketing mix, to increase presence online and thereby customers and clients. It can seem a vast subject, particularly for those new to the discipline, however with our 5 top SEO tips, you will be well on your way to increasing your visibility on Google.

Here are Eden’s 5 top SEO tips, delivered by Head of Digital & Social, Anna Bridgeman, at a session for members of leading business network Catena.  The presentation has been designed for a wide range of businesses with a wide range of experience…

  1. Write blog articles that answer industry-related questions
    Answer popular and relevant questions in blog articles, that people in your industry are wanting answers to.
    As an Eden example: “What is a press release” – we at Eden of course know the answer to this, however there may be people – those new to the discipline or potential clients wanting more information, for example – who may not know the answers, and be searching Google for these.
    By answering popular industry-related questions such as this, it increases the likelihood of ranking in Google and demonstrates your business as a thought leader.
  2. Reviews
    This may need some encouragement from your clients, but getting good reviews on: Google, Facebook, Reviews.IO, Trust Pilot, Yell (and more) is incredibly valuable. Not only do they help with gaining user trust, they are also pulled into your Google My Business pack (more below), which can indirectly aid with helping you rank higher in search engine results.

    Top tip – ask your clients after they’ve bought your product, used your service, or at the end of a campaign to leave you a review there and then. You could also have business cards created with QR codes for people to scan and leave reviews directly to the relevant platform.

  3. Utilise Google My Business
    One of the most important tools in any business’ arsenal – that any business can (and should) have up and running.
    It’s also possible for Google to auto-create a Google My Business (GMB) listing for a business (based on location and other data online) – therefore it’s important to have one up and running, or claim an auto-created one, so that you are in full control of your business’ Google My Business profile.
    GMB is hugely important for:

    1. Confirming basic details (address, telephone number, services)
    2. Google Maps (part of the Google My Business ‘Pack’) – to show where your business is located on Maps, that is pulled through on direction requests and location-based searches (e.g. ‘PR agencies near me’)
    3. Showing your reviews and rating (as above)
    4. Sharing latest news/offers (through Google Posts)
  4. Write high-quality page copy
    Whilst this may sound obvious, historically website page copy would be ‘stuffed’ with keywords with the aim of trying to rank on Google for search terms, prioritised over giving users a good experience onsite. Google’s algorithm can detect this now black-hat SEO technique and will likely reduce the visibility of not only the page, but overall website.

    Therefore, writing high quality and unique (never duplicate) page copy that will engage users and provide them with all the information they need, is of the utmost importance.

  5. Interlinking and external linking within copy
    Within your high-quality page copy (point 4 above), it’s important to link to internal pages of your website – known as ‘interlinking’ – using relevant anchor text (the text in the copy which you will use to anchor the internal link to).
    For example, linking the words “contact us” to your website’s Contact page – this is a great example, and you can see in this article we’ve interlinked elsewhere, too.

    Not only does this give users the opportunity to learn more about what your anchor text is linking to, it helps them stay on your website for longer and it’s also a useful signal to Google – that crawls pages and follows internal links – to help confirm that, for example, the Contact page, is linked to relevant words “contact us” (in your page copy) and solidifies the trust and authority of that page.

By taking a look at each of these elements, you will be on your way to increasing your brand awareness and authority on Google and these fundamentals will create a solid foundation for your business’ SEO.

For more information on how Eden PR can aid with your digital marketing or other services such as PR and social media, contact us today to find out more.


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